7 Questions to Ask Hair Transplant Clinic Before You Decide

Are you suffering from hair loss?

There are millions of men all around the world having some type of hair loss,commonly due to androgenic alopecia(Male pattern hair loss).

However that doesn’t mean that you should accept that you are losing your hair just like the other.

There is a solution for that.Hair transplant surgery is an option for men who prefer to be in best shape.It’s critical to choose right hair transplant clinic before you decide to have this treatment.

Before you choose there are some questions you should ask..

Question 1 : Is the doctor qualified to perfom the hair transplant surgery?

If you are asking this question to right place ,they won’t hesitate to answer you in details.The doctor must be proudly explaining the experiences,qualifications  that he/she has.

It is even better to have more details,such as before and after photos,previous reviews and comments of the clinic.

Question 2: Are you a candidate for hair transplant surgery?

Unfortunately,hair transplant may not be the solution for every man affected by hair loss.

The donor area,commonly back side of the head must be unaffected by hair loss.

For male pattern baldness,the hair loss must be completed to have the best results from hair transplant.

Question 3: What technology and tools will be used to perform your hair transplant?

There are some tools should be used to collect and transplant the hair.One is the collector device which is essential in FUE system.With a pin point needle like tip,it collects the hair follicle.This tip will be 0.8-0.9mm length to avoid having scars.

Another tool is sapphire pen to open up the canals for the hair which is going to be planted.However,sapphire pen is not the only option for this.There is another option depending on the size of your follicles.This tool is manually made according to your follicle size.

Question 4: Will you have a personal assistant to support you through the procedure with translations and as a guide?

Nobody prefers a miscommunication during the surgery.Thus, there should be an assistant helping you throughout the process.

Despite there are reputable clinics all over the world that providing quality of service.You should make sure their staff is speaking in English to have a high standard treatment.

Your questions must be answered clearly before and through the procedure.


Question 5: What is the cost of the hair transplat?

Most common reason of English men to choose a hair transplant center outside the UK is to avoid very high rates of most companies in UK.

At first glance ,those prices might be quite intimidating to postpone your hair transplant.However, according to an average clinic in UK you can save about 50%,if you prefer a clinic outside Britain.

Hair transplant surgeries commonly cost £1600 to £4000 depending on the amount of the grafts.

Professional team will always discuss rates with full transparency.


Question 6: Is the clinic provide a post operational follow up?

Both operation and afterwards are important to succeed in hair transplant treatments.

You must ask what should be done after the procedure, what to use for a healthy growth of the follicles.

Yoo Retouch has a post-procedural care system which consists of follow up 5 days a week up to 12 months to monitor healing and ensure the best results.


Question 7: Will you need another treatment in the future?

Most of the time this answer is clearly “no” but if you have on going hair loss you may require one more surgery.Another possibility to have an additional treatment  is the amount of the grafts needed.Commonly, more than 6000 grafts may require an additional treatment which depends on the intensity of your hair loss.Under those circumstances you may need another treatment.

According to your initial consultation that can be determined quite easily.

If you are considering hair transplant surgery, those are the questions that you need to clearly get the answer to have the best and effective outcome.

Yoo Retouch’s doctors,staff speak fluent English, accredited in multiple medical councils and have the qualifications for hair transplant surgery, with proud results from previous operations.

It’s never too late to get your hair back.

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