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In Afro-hair types the hair follicle has a natural curl, thus the most advanced techniques are required to conduct hair transplants. Yoo Retouch has hair transplant surgeons who have great experience and knowledge. And this will be visible through the results. In our internationally accredited facilities, all of the procedures mentioned are conducted under the best circumstances possible. Afro-hair transplants have some difficulties, but our surgeons are capable to overcome those meticulously.

Traction Alopecia

Braided or tied stretched hairstyles, or hair exposed to high temperatures may lead to a type of hair loss which is known as traction alopecia. This type of hair loss is quite common in Afro-hair types, and especially women may be affected, due to prolonged periods of stretching the hair follicles. For men the main cause is androgenic alopecia, which is damage to the hair follicles leading to a loss of the weaker follicles, due to hormonal changes.

The Yoo Retouch surgical specialists team have the skill set, knowledge and years of experience conducting Afro-hair transplants. Most methods and procedures are used for different hair types, including Afro-hair types. The follicles typically fill more space than usual, thus bigger incisions are needed, each procedure varies according to the scalp or intensity of hair loss.

How does Afro Hair transplant Work?

Before the transplant, our specialists team will assess the shape of your hair follicles and decide which procedure (FUE or FUT) is more suitable for your hair type.

The FUE technique statistically has less amount of scar formation and complications and often is choosen by the specialists as a preferred option. Sometimes FUT may be used as well. Our hair transplant experts will keep the scar forming to a bare minimum. And especially for those who have Afro-hair types are prone to keloid scarring and it is important to keep the scar forming and tissue to a minimum.

Afro-hair types naturally has a unique shape, because of this, the follicular damage might be higher, but under supervision of the Yoo Retouch expert surgeons and specialists, the success rates will be higher.

This complex hair transplant must be done by clinically experienced surgeons, and Yoo Retouch has excellent facilities with state of the art technology.

How to book Afro Hair transplant procedure in Turkey?

Yoo Retouch is one of the leading medical tourism establishments in Turkey. The practise offers a meticulous process for Afro-hair transplants.

Bespoke Afro-hair transplant packages include VIP transportation to and from the airport, 5-star accommodation, the medical centre and a personal assistant.

Your journey starts right when you contact us for a obligation free first consultation. During your consultation, photos of your hair will be required to asses your hair loss. The hair transplant expert will discuss with you what your expectations are and what can be done to achieve maximum results. All will be in the comfort and discretion of your home. After you decide to have your hair transplant in Turkey, your travel plan will be made according to your schedule. Your personal assistant will welcome you at the airport. 5 star accomodation will be reserved on your name and you will be transferred by a VIP transport service from the airport to the hotel and to and from the hospital.

Your journey starts with a consultation with of one of our experts  online or over the phone. During your consultation, photos of your hair will be required to asses your hair loss and most suitable transplant. After you decide to have your hair transplant in Turkey, your travel plan will be made according to your schedule.

Our travel coordinator will inform you in detail about your accommodation in Turkey  and the pre and post-procedural care.

Throughout the journey of your hair transplant procedures in Turkey, your personal assistant will accompany you and guide you through the journey.

After your treatment, when you return home, we will be in contact with you for up to a year.

To have more information about Yoo Retouch hair transplant procedures or to reach out to one of our expert consultants, please fill the online form or call us from +90-532-137-1393

Due to natural curve of afro hair types, the transplantation procedure is more complex, both FUE or FUT methods may be used in Turkey, depending on the structure of the hair type.

Most commonly seen in Afro-hair types is traction alopecia, as well as male pattern baldness due to hormonal damage in the hair follicles.

Usually with the FUT procedure (Follicular Unit Transplantation) there will be less than a 1cm wide linear scar. The FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) procedure healing process is relatively quick and usually there will not be any scar tissue.

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