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Unlike early 2000s, beard become a fashion recently. More and more patients asking to get a fuller beard as well as a moustache. That is possible with beard transplant procedure. Many men suffer from sparse, patchy beard or unable to grow beard at all. At Yoo Retouch, expert transplant surgeons will help you to get the beard you dream of. Your transplantation will be done under supervision of EU accredited doctors, with high quality care. Only difference from the clinics in UK, costs are much affordable.

Yoo Retouch offers affordable beard transplant in Turkey, under supervision of great hair transplant surgeons with high quality care but with a lower cost. 5 star hotel accommodation is included in the price as well. We make sure of your comfort and unstressful journey for your procedure. A personal assistant guide you through the journey and helping you translation, vip transfer to get you from airport to hotel/hospital.

Why should you choose Yoo Retouch For Beard Transplant in Turkey?

Years of experience and skillful surgeons will ensure that you will get the beard you desire.Cutting edge, internationally accredited hospitals will guarantee the excellent outcomes.We have post procedural care system; which includes 12 months of follow up help to monitor your progression.Precise transplants will create the more instense beard with minimally scarring.

What is going to happen when you decide to have your beard transplant with Yoo Retouch in Turkey?

As the first step you will have a free consultation contacting our team to help you for your questions and how can we help you about the transplant. Medical professionals will be waiting you on the other side of the line,in the comfort of your home. These consultations will answer to all your questions and provide the information you require for transplantation.Consultant will discuss what kind of beard you desire and what to do to achieve that result.Together you will create a plan for your transplantation.

There are different methods we offer for beard transplant in Turkey. Widely used method is FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), which allows minimal scarring  and harvesting to the point. In some patients,

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) procedure may be an option to help to create a specific look,individually to patient.

For more information about Beard Transplant  in our Hair Transplant and Surgical Center, you can reach us right now to have your consultation appointment.

Either you can fill the online form or call us from +90 (532)-137-1393.

FUE is the method of choice in beard transplantations.

Yes. We can do both in same session. It may take little longer than usual depending on the grafts needed.

Yes. Beard or sideburn transplantation will help to cover the scar result of trauma or acne.

Yes. More grafts will be used to cover the area, yet it is possible.

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