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Amongst many cultures body hair can be seen as a sign of masculinity. For some people it is something that they must have.

Time to time due to various issues and reasons some people are unable to grow body hair. This could be due to a trauma or an illness and it can certainly affect confidence. For those, help is at hand , body hair transplantation can be a great solution for this.

Most commonly used method to transplant body hairs is Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE), in this treatment hairs will be collected from the donor are, most commonly the lower back side of the head ,and implanted to the area where we want to have more intense hair follicles. It is the method of choice because FUE method provides rapid recovery and more precise transplantation.It is possible to have hair growth even in the areas that you have never had hair before.Therefore,lost hair or hair free areas can easily benefit from this procedure.

Body hair transplants are getting popular day by day among the patients with inability to grow hair through the body due to numerous reasons. Yoo Retouch offers high standard care with great results at an affordable price.

Which patients are candidates for body hair transplant?

For any type of procedure it is important to establish the desired look by the patient.That is why the first consultation is critical to understand the patient’s requirements and explain the limits of the outcome.

There are many reasons that cause hair loss throughout the body;

Medications: Patients who have cancer treatments commonly loose most body hair.

Trauma: Accidents,post surgical scars,burns, basically any type of trauma to hair follicles may result in hair loss.

Nutritional Deficiencies: Deficiency of vitamins and minerals nourishing the hair follicles such as; Vitamin A,B,C and D,iron zinc makes follicle vulnerable to damage.Weak hair follicles are tend to fall lot easier than others.

Genetical Predisposition: Genetics highly effective on hair follicles,If you are somehow predisposed to hair loss , you can lose your hair through the body as well.

Stress: Stressful lifestyle can change the balance of hormones and that increases the intensity of hair loss.

According to the cause of your hair loss, your treatment may vary.During the first consultation we will define the root of the problem and what kind of solutions can be suitable for you individually.Patients who had permanent hair loss due to a trauma are one of the best candidates for body hair transplant in Turkey.

It should be noted clearly that the body hair follicles have different life span than the hair on the scalp.Therefore transplantation may not be permanent.Since you are in expert hands in Yoo Retouch , we work tiredlessly to have the best results possible.Under the supervision of experienced and well trained surgeons.

Yoo Retouch Body Hair Transplant package includes;

  • A personal assistant who will support you through the arrival to departure.Your assistant will help you guiding through Istanbul and any translation you may need during procedure and rest of the time.
  • 5-star accommodation in Istanbul
  • Vip Transfers from airport to hotel,hotel to hospital and back
  • Medicaments,shampoo or lotions
  • Post procedural care system(Monitoring your progression for 12 months)

Fue method is used for body hair transplants commonly,therefore downtime is minimal after the procedure. For 12 months there will be experts monitoring your progression in the comfort of your home through video calls or pictures of the area.

If you would like to learn more about Body Hair Transplantation,contact with one of our consultants by filling the form or by calling +90-532-137-1393

FUE method is the most commonly used one.

Unfortunately,despite the best treatment available,life span of body hairs are different than the hair on scalp.That is why the treat may not last forever.

Yes.You are the perfect candidate for body hair restoration.Hair transplantation is great way to make those scars invisible.

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