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DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey

Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) is the newest treatment for hair loss. Suitable for those who have minimal hair loss and for those who wish to have fuller hair, DHI can be the preferred option.

Yoo Retouch has an excellent reputation and experienced specialist transplant surgeons who devoted themselves to get the best expected results for each and every patient.

Yoo Retouch is Turkeys leader in hair transplantations, offering cost-effective treatment with proven excellent results. Expert surgeons are based in our medical center, combining knowledge and experience, and are capable of managing the most complex hair transplant methods, including DHI hair transplant procedures.

The DHI hair transplants will be conducted in our  accredited medical center in Central Istanbul. We are very proud to have 100% satisfaction ratings amongst our patients.

Choi Implanter Pen

The Choi implanter pen is a device  used during the DHI hair transplant technique. The Choi Implanter pen ensures that the follicle stay less time outside the body and with this, it is possible to have accurate and effective hair transplants.

Compared to FUT (Follicular Unite Transplant) and traditional methods, the DHI hair transplants creates a lot less scar tissue is formed and the healing process is much faster than FUT.

In addition, DHI is the most non-invasive treatments. As a result; faster recovery, no scar formation and a more natural look can be counted as main advantages of the procedure. Maximum results can be gained in the weakened areas with the help of Choi implanter pen.

Process of DHI Hair Transplant In Turkey

Your hair transplant will be done in our medical center in Turkey, to begin you will be invited to an online consultation. In the comfort and discretion of your home, our consultant will inform you about the suitable technique, and talk you through how it will be performed. After your surgery we will have a post procedural care system, which includes 5 days of free audio or video consultation answering all your questions or concerns.

The consultation is an opportunity for our surgeons to understand how they can help you and guide you what you want to know about the DHI hair transplant procedure and to find the most suitable treatment for your hair, our consultants will require photograps of your hair to analyse your hair loss. Meetings can be online or over phone according to your preference..

In your bespoke treatment package,  transport to and from the airport, 5 star accommodation  and a personal asisstant will be included. Your comfort is our top priority. Additionally you may be in contact with your personal asisstant up to 12 months after the procedure.

You may contact our Yoo Retouch team on +90-532-137-1393 or write us a message.

DHI stands for Direct Hair Implantation. Grafts are implanted one by one through a pen like tool called “Choi implanter pen”.

No. Both of them are exactly same procedure. However, some people use those names interchangably.

The DHI method is commonly used for patients who require less amount of grafts or those who do not prefer a full hair transplant. It is commonly used for patients who require less than 2500 grafts.

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