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Eyebrows transplant are crucial part of facial expression. Recently women all around the world are inclined to make a finishing touch to their looks with eyebrows.There are numerous reasons causing the eyebrows look sparse.Such as cosmetic products,drugs used in treatment of cancer etc. Plucking eyebrow to make a thinner arch damaging the hair follicles. Loss of eyebrows directly affects the self-confidence which leads eyebrow tranplants to become much popular recently.Cosmetic procedures like make-ups is also commonly used to fill the sparsed eyebrows.However,eyebrow transplants offering a permanent solution.

The method we use for transplantation of eyebrows is FUE(Follicular Unit Extraction) which is similar to hair transplantation.Hairs are harvested from back of the head to transplant the healthy follicles to improve eyebrow appearance.

Which patients are suitable for Eyebrow transplant?

Regardless of where hair loss appears,the reason of that loss should be clearly defined.Sometimes loss of hair can be temporary or treating the underlying problem will solve all the general look.

Main Reasons of Eyebrow loss;

  • Vitamin deficiencies(Vitamin A,B-12,C,D,biotin and iron deficiencies)
  • Alopecia Areata
  • Physical Trauma
  • Follicle damage due to extreme plucking
  • Genetic conditions
  • Thyroid Issues
  • Aging

Depending on the underlying cause treatment vary,in cases of complete loss of the follicles such as trauma genetic conditions,aging are best candidates for eyebrow transplant.Under supervision of an expert surgeon in Yoo Retouch,eyebrow procedures results in great natural results.

What should you expect during your Eyebrow Transplant?

Since transplantation methods are similar,eyebrow transplant starts with extraction of follicles from the back of the scalp where healthy follicles are found abundantly.Which can be done either by FUT or FUE method depending on the needs of the patient. FUE method is widely used dueto its less scarring non invasive features.

Before starting the procedure we apply local anaesthetics to numb the area to provide the comfort you need during the procedure.Any incisions made to collect or implant the follicles,there won’t be any scars since they are about 1 millimetres in size.In some cases,it is possible to complete the transplant,without shaving any part of the head.

Despite FUE procedure has a little downtime,after 7 days from procedure, we would like to see you in person to follow up the results .Therefore, it is recommended to stay in Turkey for 7 days.

We have a post-procedural care system,which is following the results in the comfort of your home for 12 months, answering any questions and tracking the progress of your transplantation.

If you are considering eyebrow transplant,contact us now to get a free consultation about the procedure today. You can fill the online form or call us on +90 (532)-137-1393

FUE method is widely used in eyebrow transplant.

Patients who have post traumatic, genetic related, age related eyebrow loss are typical eyebrow transplant candidates.

Typically, 50-100 grafts are enough for eyebrow transplant.

Eyebrow transplant is more complex process than regular hair transplant.It will take longer time according to regular hair transplant. You will see the new eyebrows grow in 4 months.It will take about 12 months for a full growth.

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