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One of the most effective methods for hairloss with limited scar formations and downtime is FUE hair transplant.  The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique is the most advanced form of hair transplantation, involving imperial improvements on traditional methods. A tiny incision will be made to provide the suitable environment for the folicle to grow successfully.

The FUE hair transplant method is used very effectively by the Yoo Retouch hair transplant surgeons who have a strong reputation and reliable, satisfactory results.

During the time you spend in Turkey you will be assisted by our team members, you will be in safe hands pre and post procedures  and also enjoy your visit to Turkey.

For both men and women hair loss can be a serious issue and in a beautiful city like Istanbul, you can combine leisure with a simple, but excellent solution for your hair loss, in the comfort of  5 star accommodation options and fully equiped medical facilities.

Follicular Unit Extraction

The Follicular Unit Extraction technique  consists of collecting each hair follicle from the donor area, commonly the back side of head where the strongest hair follicles are found, and they are transplanted back into weakened hair areas of the scalp.

Tiny incisions are made to fit those follicles, commonly below 1mm to help recovery of scalp. Microneedles are used to make sure other follicles are not damaged throughout the process. The hair transplant surgeon will insert  each hair follicle in a homogenized way throughout the scalp, with similar density and volume to existing hair, ensure its angle of natural growth.Our experts emphasize on creating natural results, especially when the hair grows back.

During the pre-operational consultation you will be  informed about the procedures length of time and other details. Currently the FUE technique is the most popular hair transplant procedure, due to minimal scarring and effective and natural looking results.

FUE Hair Transplant Post-Operative Care

The FUE hair transplant includes post procedural care under supervision of our surgeons in our facility which is internationally accredited. Your private assistant will accompany you throughout your procedure.

Healing time of FUE hair transplant

After the FUE hair transplant, our specialist will explain to you what should done for the best post procedural care, which may take up to 12 months.

On your return home, should you have any concerns, you can reach out to our post-operational support team.

Why should you choose Yoo Retouch for FUE hair transplant in Turkey?

Yoo Retouch has an excellent reputation and an experienced team of transplant surgeons who devoted themselves to get the best results for each and every patient. Depending on the type of your hair loss and intensity, our team have all kinds of procedures in their portfolio to comply with the patient’s needs.

Our medical center has all the latest technical innovations and uses state of the art technology.

Our expert advisors will be supporting for 12 months after procedure, with our compliments. We will be with you until your hair grows back.

For more information about FUE hair transplants, you can reach us to arrange your complimentary consultation appointment. Either you can fill the online form or call us from +90-532-137-1393

FUE is the abbreviation of Follicular Unit Extraction. That is collection of grafts from the donor area one by one and implantation to the weak areas.

The downtime is minimal and effectiveness is maximum compared to the other transplantation methods.

No. There are no scientifically proven side effects. The full details of the procedure will be explained by your consultant.

First results can be seen from 3-6 months, but blending with the natural hair growth may take up to 12 months. The time varies according to area of transplant.

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