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Hair Transplant On Scar Tissue

The most common method was FUT in previous decade but FUE method has now taken its place because it is less invasive and  much better in terms of comfort to patients . Nevertheless,FUT might be preferred  in some patients, if a patient has weaker follicles and limited hair at the lower back of their head where the hair is usually taken. In these incidents FUT method may be the best treatment of choice.

FUT hair transplantation is done by a strip of hair taken out from the back of the head , this is also known as ‘the strip method’. Usually this strips are taken from the back of the head or the sides of the head where hair roots are  strongest. After they are taken out,these strips are grouped into 1 to 3 hair grafts and transplanted with a small incision to the areas, where hair is weakened.

Donor area,where strip is taken commonly leave a thin scar.  At Yoo Retouch we eliminate these scars, it is carefully hidden under other hair that grow on that scar tissue .FUE hair transplant on that area can fix scar tissue appearance.

Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE)

In Follicular Unit Extraction technique,each follicle is collected from the donor area,commonly back side of head where the strongest hair follicles are found.Later on they will be transplanted back into weakened areas of the hair.

Tiny incisions are made to fit those follicles,commonly below 1mm to help recovery of scalp.Microneedles are used to make sure other follicles are not damaged through the process.

Why should you choose Yoo Retouch for Hair Transplant Scar Removal in Turkey?

Yoo Retouch has proven experties and know how. We are proud of our achievements from the previous results and the great feed back we receive from our patients. Our experienced transplant surgeons devote themselves to get the expected  best results for each and every patient. Our team of experts have all kind of procedures in their portfolio to comply with the patient’s needs.

What are the other options for Scar tissue removal for the patients  that are ineligible for FUE?

Despite FUE method is the most effective one for hiding scar tissue,some patients may require a ‘surgical excisional pathway’ to restore the scarred areas.

Other option is scalp micropigmentation for scar camouflage; this method is application of small pigmentations on scar tissue to make it less apparent.

For more information about FUE hair transplant and scar tissue removal in our Hair Transplant and Surgical Center,you can reach us right now to have your consultation appointment.

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FUE hair transplantation is more commonly used to cover those scars.

Yoo Retouch hair transplant specialists will make sure the scar no longer visible.

Yes. It can be used in post traumatic scars, acne scars, facial asymmetries, abnormalities on skin or body.

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