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Hair Transplant Procedure in Women

Although hair loss seems to be a problem mostly for men, there are many causes of hair loss that affect women, due to exposure to heat, stretching hair for long period of time (traction alopecia), genetical reasons and drug treatments or as a result of a certain disease. We can also apply the FUE hair transplantation technique to women and we ensure that you reach the fuller hair you desire.

Common reasons for hair loss in woman

There are several factors that may contribute to hair loss in women, for example  over usage of chemical products such as hair dyes and vitamin, mineral or hormonal imbalances.

Iron deficiency is one of the common causes of hair loss, especially in those who do not consume an iron-rich diet. Aenemia leads to decreased efficiency of oxygen, when oxygen cannot supply the root of the hair, disrupts the repair of the damaged hair follicles and slows the healthy growth.

Heat damage due to overusage of hair styling devices is a major reason that leads to follicular damage.

B12 vitamin deficiency affects the regeneration of the hair, changing the structure of blood cells and preventing the cells from providing the necessary nutrition.  

It will be possible to get excellent results by finding the underlying cause and choosing the hair transplant treatments according to it.  

How to prevent hair loss in women 

Although preventing hair loss in women purely depends on the underlying cause, if the main reason is genetic or the lost hair does not grow for any reason, the permanent solution will be hair transplantation.  

Hair transplantations will provide perfect results if it is supported by taking the right amount of vitamins and minimizing the use of chemicals and hair styling devices.  

PRP treatment which prevents hair loss and revitalizes the hair follicles may be an option, if you are experiencing the early symptoms of hair loss.    

What can Yoo Retouch do for your hair

We offer an all-inclusive women’s hair transplant package that will allow you to get the fuller hair you want. With our hair transplant surgeons who combine modern techniques with their knowledge and experience, you can reach your desired results with a package that suits you. 

When we list female hair transplant procedures, we can use multiple techniques suitable for your hair, such as U-FUE (Unshaved Hair Transplantation) or DHI (Direct Hair Transplantation), as well as the popular FUE method. 

Yoo Retouch offers you an affordable all-inclusive package. Your first consultation will be done by our hair transplantation experts and your bespoke package includes your accommodation, airport transfers and you will be accompanied by a personal assistant  for a flawless journey in Turkey. 

After your first meeting with our consultants, we will determine the date of the procedure and coordinate your travel arrangements. Your personal assistant will answer any questions you may have during your stay, and assist you with translation and guidance.   

Why should Yoo Retouch be your first choice for hair transplantation 

We use the latest up to date techniques and technology for hair transplantation and combine this with an experienced team. Our surgeons will provide you the results you want as quick as possible. These surgeons have been specially selected by our expert team. 

Call +90-532-137-1393 to make an appointment for a hair transplantation consultation.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), FUT(Follicular Unit Transplantation), U-FUE(Unshaven Follicular Unit Extraction), DHI(Direct Hair Implantation) can be options for hair transplant in women.

DHI or U-FUE are most preferrable treatments. Female patients choose not to shave all their hair for the procedure.

Results can be seen from 3-6 months but the blending of the natural hair may take up to 12 months. The time varies according to area of transplant.

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