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There are lots of men suffer from weak beard or moustache growth or simply they are unable to grow fuller facial hair.

Having full Moustaches or beards are considered as pride or a sign of a masculinity in some cultures. In some countries growing moustache once in a year is a tradition.

For those who desire a more intense moustache or beard and  are unable to grow it naturally a moustache or beard transplant is the answer.

At Yoo Retouch,beard and moustage transplantation can be done at the same time. At our internationally accredited facilities in Istanbul, our experience transplant surgeons have excellent results for beard and moustache transplants.Highly qualified surgeons can shape your moustache or beard as the way you prefer them to be.

  • There are two main methods we use to transplant facial hair:
  • FUE hair transplantation(Follicular Unit Extraction)
  • FUT hair transplantation (Follicular Unit Transplantation)

In Yoo Retouch, we have  a high quality care standards, our experts will ensure your comfort and wellbeing just like in UK if not more. With us one of the the biggest difference is also our affordable prices.

Which candidate is suitable for a Moustache Transplant?
  • A Sparse or Patchy Moustache
  • Genetically unable to grow moustache
  • Desire to have dense or thick moustache 

During the first consultation all will be discussed with you,according to your desired shape of your moustache or beard.

If you fill our form, one of our expert consultant will be in contact with you at a time of your preference.

How the Moustache Transplant  process Works?

After you booked your first free consultation,one of our experts will analyze your moustache shape and growth by asking some of your photos.And we will make a plan comparing your desired moustache.

Moustache Transplant Package Includes;

  • 5 star hotel for your accommodation
  • Personal assitant guiding you during your travel and helping you about translation before,during or after operation.
  • VIP transport from airport to hotel and hospital to hotel
  • All above is for your comfort during the procedure,we can discuss further during the consultation if you have any concerns.

Procedure itself ,Vip transport,personal assistant,accommodation is included in your transplant package.All you need to do to organize the flights from UK to Istanbul which are usually at a low price range.

We have a client care team who will answer any of your questions 24/7 regarding to the procedure or any other queries about the travel and accommodation.

You can book your free consultation today with a qualified facial hair transplant expert.By calling  +90-532-137-1393 or filling the online form.

FUE method is widely used in moustache transplant.

Yes. For most patients it is possible. Only for the patients in need of high number of grafts may require second session.

If the scar is over the natural moustache area, it is possible to hide it with a moustache transplant.

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