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History of needles start with metal “re-usable” ones.They were sterilized with steam just like the surgical instruments.Later on, plastic “single use only” needles took their place.

All of us are faced with having some injections done at some point in our lives,either to have a vaccination or to prevent us from some childhood diseases that require intramuscular antibiotics.

There are quite a number of patients may develop needle fobia.It is called trypanophobia(fear of needles).10- 20% percent of world population has at least some kind of discomfort when they think of needles.Therefore there are another option of those with a needle phobia this is called a needle free anaesthesia(Jet Injector).

 During hair transplant some patients with this phobia can be frightened with the usage of injectors. In Yoo Retouch, needle free anaesthesia is widely used if requested by theclient. Jet injector administers with high speed stream of a liquid to the targeted layer of skin to apply the anaesthesia.This method not only eleminates the needle from the process,it makes the administration pain-free as well.

Comparison of Needle-Free Jet Injector to Traditional Injectors
  • Painless application of anaesthesia
  • A relief to patients with a needle phobia
  • Deminish the risk of infection
  • Minimise the risk of bruising

As a down side, some studies suggest the effect of a Needle-free anaesthesia is considered to last shorter than the regular anaesthesia with needle.

How do I know If I have needle phobia? And what are the common symptoms?
  • Extreme sensitivity to pain
  • Getting anxious,sweaty, nauseous or have shortness of breath
  • Fainting or dizziness before or during the injections

At least 10% of world population has a distinct phobia of needles.And 10% more is known as having some discomfort during injections

  1. Vaso-vagal reaction- leads to dizziness, fainting before or during procedures with needles.
  2. Classic phobia-Due to a traumatic event feeling anxious or experiencing difficulty of breating or nausea
  3. Hypersensitivity to the pain caused by needles- The skin becomes extremely sensitive to needles.

If you like to learn more about Needle-Free Jet Injectors in Turkey, our Yoo Retouch team are waiting for your call from +90-532-137-1393 or write us a message and we will get back to you with pleasure.

Jet injector administers with high speed stream of a liquid to the targeted layer of skin to apply the anaesthesia.

No.It also helps people with needle phobia.

No there is not. It eleminates the anxiety caused by needles as well.

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