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Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey

Yoo Retouch’s great reputation made Istanbul a popular destination for hair transplants.

Excellent patient results and feedback, expert hair transplant specialists and fully equipped innovative facilities with state of the art technology are just a part of what You Retouch offers for hair transplant treatments.

Yoo Retouch uses Sapphire FUE, which is a relatively new technology.  Sapphire FUE is a modification of FUE hair transplants by using upgraded blades with sapphire tips,instead of the traditional metal blades, which significantly decreases any complication risks. After the grafts are collected from the donor area, canals are opened up for the grafts which are then inserted.  It remains completely pain free, as the treated areas are locally anesthetised.

Your consultant will answer any queries you may have and the Yoo Retouch team can be contacted on  +90-532-137-1393 for a free consultantion.

What is the difference between Sapphire FUE Hair Transplants compared to other traditional methods?

– Shorter Healing Period: Sapphire FUE opens smaller channels due to its lighter thinner Sapphire blades, this helps the scars heal much more rapidly.

– More Natural Looking Hair: Smaller sharper Sapphire blades give a denser look as final result. The hair angle is  naturally on a 40-45 degrees angle, Sapphire blades allow the surgeon to open up the canal in a very precise manner, offering greater results.

– Smaller scar tissue means slimmer chance of complications: As long as you follow your doctor’s orders, it is quite rare to have any kind of complications after a hair transplant, yet with Sapphire FUE that chance gets even slimmer.

Yoo Retouch Sapphire FUE Hair Transplantation

In our fully equiped internationally accredited hospital in Istanbul, Sapphire FUE hair transplants are done by qualified specialist doctors. Yet our prices are affordable compared to most hair transplant centers in the UK.

Your journey starts right when you contact us for a obligation free first consultation. During your consultation, photos of your hair will be required to asses your hair loss. The hair transplant expert will discuss with you what your expectations are and what can be done to achieve maximum results. All will be in the comfort and discretion of your home. After you decide to have your hair transplant in Turkey, your travel plan will be made according to your schedule. Your personal assistant will welcome you at the airport. 5 star accomodation will be reserved on your name and you will be transferred by a VIP transport service from the airport to the hotel and to and from the hospital.

If you would like to learn more about Sapphire FUE Hair transplants, contact one of our consultants by filling out the form or by calling +90 (532)-137-1393.

During the canal opening phase of the hair transplant, there are 2 different methods widely used. One of them is the traditional manually cut blade fixed to the graft size unique to each patient, the Sapphire pen is a standard size tool which helps to open the canals.

The Sapphire tip improves the healing process. It is very rare to have complications especially when scar tissue is much smaller.

Patients with a smaller or medium size graft are more suitable to that procedure. If the grafts are too big, the Sapphire pen is not an option.

There are no known side effects with using the Sapphire pen.

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