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Sideburn area is seldomly exposed to hair loss as well. Sideburn hair transplant is quite effective and it is a procedure which can be used both men and women. Reasons of that type of hair loss vary, patients prefer this hair transplant to have new look, or to cover an underlying scar, abnormality or a mark. If you decide to have your transplantation procedure in Turkey, you will receive the best treatment you can get, under supervision of expert hair transplant surgeons in a up-to-date modern facility.

Sideburn Hair transplant is a treatment of choice in patients with;
  • Patchy sideburn hair
  • Asymmetry,Disparity between both sideburns
  • Scar,mark or facial abnormality
  • Traction hair loss affecting sideburns.(Keeping hair tied extended period of time may result of drastic hair loss.)
Sideburn Hair Transplant is suitable for you if you want to have;
  • More full and natural looking sideburns
  • To make face look more symmetrical
  • Combining 2 or more procedures to have a better shape such as Beard-Mustache Hair transplant,FUE hair transplant combining with Sideburn hair transplant.

If you desire to have better shape of your sideburns including other points stated above you are a great candidate for hair transplant.To proceed to have your desired sideburns call us now from +90850-480-00-98 or Fill simply fill the online consultation form,one of our experts will be in touch with you promptly.

What kind of methods used to restore Sideburns?

The most commonly FUE(Follicular Unit Extraction) method is the treatment of choice,unless the patient is more suitable candidate for FUT(Follicular Unit Transplantation) method.It is most commonly used in patients with afro hair style.To determine which method is more suitable for you,you can have your free consultation by calling us now.

Your Sideburn Transplantation in Turkey

Yoo Retouch is a Hair Transplant and Surgical Center contains expert hair transplant surgeons who have proud results from leading operational techniques. Your journey of Sideburn Hair Transplantation begins with a free consultation from one of our experts. Your sideburns will be assessed and according to your desired look we will make a plan for a restoration procedure to help you to have the look you dreamed of. 

Transplantation package includes;

  • A personal assistant who will support you through the arrival to departure.Your assistant will help you guiding through Istanbul and any translation you may need during procedure and rest of the time.
  • 5-star accommodation in Istanbul
  • Vip Transfers from airport to hotel,hotel to hospital and back

You can speak with one of our specialists now about any questions and concerns.You can call from +90 (532)-137-1393 or a fill the contact form.

No.Sometimes sideburn transplantation can be done in a combination with a regular hair transplant.

No. It is right opposite, sideburn transplant is used to comuflage post traumatic or acne scars.

Only hair transplant experts can notice that you had a sideburn transplantation.

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