Tips For Strong and Healthy Hair Follicles

Key part of the aesthetics is not only by brooming but also with a good hair care.

All over the world,men have interest in looking best shape possible.

At Yoo Retouch,we are working tirelessly to help men get the best hair transplant possible with modern equipment and experienced doctors

And we also suggest some essentials to get your transplanted or existing hair stronger.

Less Styling Products are Better

There are numerous type of wax,gel or pomade like products.

It’s best to start slow on those products to achieve healthier and ideal results.

Otherwise, your hair will weight down and clogged scalp will result with a lot oily skin which damages your hair follicles.

Drying your Hair Might be Resulting a Great Damage on Your Follicles

When you are in great hurry during the mornings,unwittingly,you start to dry your hair with towel roughly than usual.That results a great damage over time.Especially If you are already losing your hair.

While you drying your hair with towel pat your hair gently to prevent any damage to your follicles.

Hair dryer is an option as well,however only if you use it on low settings.

Variety of Foods Benefit to your Follicles

Top hair friendly foods;

  • Eggs
  • Spinach
  • Avocados
  • Seeds(Pumpkin)
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Nuts
  • Carrots
  • Soybeans
  • Broccoli
  • Berries

Vitamins including A, Biotin(B),C,D,E,Iron,Zinc,Omega 3 support your hair structure and help you to get a shiny  hair.

Too much of nothing is Good for Health,Including Shampoo

It is always better to be cautious on using hair cleaning products.They commonly includes perfumes,sulfate and preservatives those won’t do much damage unless you use them too much too often.

Avoid Keeping Your Hair Under Pressure

Tied Strecthed,braided, or any kind of accessories causing your hair strecth may damage the follicles on the long run.

Do Not Postpone Speaking to a Professional

Over 2 decades hair transplant becoming popular everyday and that brings the question of having the cheapest hair transplant possible( while it is tempting idea,having the cheapest hair transplant may not be the best option.)

Having a good standard of hygiene,as well as the quality of surgery itself are crucially important.It is best to choose professional and experienced team with skills to get your hair transplant done.

At Yoo Retouch, you will be under supervision of qualified hair transplant surgeons equipped with the modern technology of hair transplant.

With our Retouch,you must feel free to expect the outstanding results, as we have each and every patient.