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U-Fue (Unshaven Hair Transplant)

Hair loss directly affects the self-confidence both in men and women.

Wherever it appears, it can lead to anxieties, it plays a considerably important role on confidence and success. At Yoo Retouch, our  crew will ensure  to improve the hair and from the beginning till the end of the procedure, they will focused on patient’s well being and having satisfactory results.

Lots of people who consider hair treatments are reluctant to have the hair transplantation procedure, only because they do not want others to know that they underwent an operation. U-Fue , Unshaven Hair Transplant is a perfect option for those.

At Yoo Retouch U-Fue Hair Transplant is done with great consideration to the needs of the clients and the procedure is executed in such way that no one will be able to tell that you have undergone this operation..

Some part of the hair is shaved but that does not affect other hair in general.If you want to keep your hair as it is but much healthier and fuller, this is a great option for you.  Some of our celebrity clients and those who want to ensure their hair look full and natural  more commonly prefer this procedure.

The procedure is also known as U-FUE and it should be done with great attention and with impeccable detail.

Our experienced hair transplant surgeons have great knowledge and clinical skills on U-FUE.Unshaved Hair Transplant. The operation can be done for most hair types but best results will be achieved with patients who need less amount of grafts.

What does Unshaven Hair Transplant contain?

For a successful Unshaven Hair Transplant(U-FUE),healthy follicles should be located and transplanted into weakened areas.The strongest follicles have the best results.Each follicle collected one by one from donor will be transplanted to weak areas.

When you decide to get your unshaved hair transplantation done by our specialist surgeons  in Turkey, you can easily reach us by phone or from our online form.

One of the member of our crew will call you to assist with your specialized hair treatment and will answer any questions  you may have.

Specialized patient consultants and post-procedural care specialists will also be in touch with you at the comfort of your home for audio or video  consultations for complimentary.

Following the first contact according to your goals from unshaven hair transplant,there will be a private price offer assigned to you.

What is included in U-FUE hair transplant?

Unshaven Hair Transplant  package includes 5-star accommodation, a personal assistant within reach for 24 hours,airport transfers,translator and all the medical needs during hair transplant operation.

After you arrive, your private driver will welcome you at the airport and drive you to meet your personal assistant.The personal assistant will help you with translations and explain you the full procedure.

You will be added to 1 year of post-procedural support system and you can reach our specialists 5 days a week every week during the year, with any questions or concerns you may have.

To have more information about hair transplant procedures in Turkey or consult with one of our specialists please reach us from +90-532-137-1393 or simply fill the online form.

Patient’s hair won’t be shaved completely.Only the donor part will be cut and it won’t be noticable due to other hair is covering the area.

If the graft amount is not too high,patients who choose”not to lose” all their hair during the procedure are eligable.

Healing of the scars usually takes 2 weeks.However,even in 10 days they won’t be noticable.

3 months after the procedure you will see the newly growing hair.However ,full growth may require up to 12 months.You will be monitored for 12 months,as a part of post-procedural care system.

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