What are the Advantages of Hair Transplantation?

If you have noticed that your hair is falling out, you are not alone. Many men and women have varying degrees of hair loss caused by a hormonal imbalance as they age. “What is a hair transplant?” Hair transplantation is a procedure that offers a permanent solution to people who experience shedding and have reached the point of baldness. More than half of men experience androgenic (hormonal) hair loss before the age of 50. Some people even start losing their hair in their late teens or early twenties. Hair loss in women usually happens after pregnancy or around the age of 50, when menopause begins. You’ve probably heard of various hair loss treatments and have even tried a few. There are drugs that reduce the hormones that cause hair loss and laser technologies that help hair growth. However, they all have disadvantages. While some of these treatments cause negative side effects such as impotence or decreased sperm count, most of these drugs cannot be taken by pregnant or breastfeeding women or people of certain ages. Many require at least a few months of use to reap the benefits. Other than that, arguably the most important disadvantage of these drugs is that if you stop taking them, the hair loss will start again and the benefits you experience will disappear within a few months.

Unlike the solutions discussed above, hair transplantation is incredibly successful and produces long-lasting, distinctive and natural results. Other benefits of hair transplantation are:

  • It is effective in cases where other hair loss treatments fail.
  • It is effective in the treatment of large hair loss areas.
  • Unlike other treatments, it can be used even in advanced stages of hair loss.
  • You will have natural looking hair.
  • Suitable for both men and women.
  • When your hair starts to grow again, it does not fall out.

If you’ve looked at hair loss treatments, you’re well aware that they have mixed results. The same can be said for topical scalp treatments containing the active ingredient Minoxidil. These treatments will not work if you start them too late, so if you have a very high rate of hair loss, taking them will not provide long-term results. Only hair transplantation can permanently correct hair loss. In addition, anyone over the age of 18 can have a hair transplant if necessary. Many medications and lotions do not work for the elderly or women. In the last 20 years, hair transplantation procedures have advanced significantly and it is now possible to have perfectly realistic and natural looking hair. You can get detailed information from the experts at the Before Hair Transplant Yoo Retouch clinic. You can determine where your hairline will start and where you want to plant by consulting your doctor. Experts in this field can ensure that the scar on the back of your head is minimal and unnoticeable when your hair grows back. Advanced hair transplantation procedures are applied not only to men but also to women. Many women effectively and naturally regrow their hair in the areas of hair loss with hair transplantation. In addition, as a result of these methods, eyebrow and mustache can be transplanted. The biggest advantage of having a hair transplant is that it improves your self-esteem and health. Our hair is a very important part of our identity and the shape, style and color we give it are the most important variables that determine who we are. When we start to lose our hair, our self-confidence drops and our personality changes. The power that healthy, rich hair gives us can be enormous and have a huge impact on our self-esteem, personal connections, work ties, and social life. The transplanted hair will look and feel quite natural because it belongs to you; As it grows longer, you will integrate perfectly with your existing hair and continue your life as usual. The results of hair transplantation will be determined by many factors unique to you, but our doctor and our team of experts will help you evaluate your situation and make a decision with absolutely reasonable expectations. However, you will have fuller and healthier hair after hair transplantation.

What is Male Pattern Hair Loss?

Male pattern hair loss, which is common in our age, is the appearance of baldness from the top of the head. This problem affects many men in their forties and fifties. If this situation, which can develop for various reasons, is not addressed, it can lead to mental difficulties, stress, depressive symptoms, low self-esteem and various other problems in individuals. Hair loss, which is the fear of every man, is now effectively addressed medically. Thanks to the serum and tablet-like drugs created, this situation improves within a few weeks. However, in order for the treatment to be successful, people with male pattern hair loss should consult a doctor as soon as possible. The characteristic of men’ hair loss is that baldness begins on the top of the head. As a result of the various challenges posed by our age, this situation is becoming increasingly common among the younger generation. Although there are some natural treatments for male pattern hair loss, medical treatments that give the best results are preferred. In this scenario, baldness can be permanently removed. However, the doctor must follow the instructions during the therapy process. Hair loss can now be prevented.

Men’s hair loss indicates that baldness begins on the top of the head. The overlying hair thins and falls out over time until the scalp is exposed. As the hair in the crown area becomes thinner, a circular open area appears on the head. Hair loss can sometimes start at the root of the hair. This type of hair loss is known as male pattern hair loss because the hair in men is extremely thin in one place. Male pattern hair loss is mostly caused by hereditary reasons. Other factors that contribute to hair loss include smoking, bad eating habits, stress, irregular sleep patterns, skin problems, vitamin deficiencies, hormone imbalances and drug use. Hair loss in men is most noticeable between the ages of 16 and 30. Since men have hair loss problems at a young age, they should start hair loss prevention measures at a young age. Otherwise, the rapidly regrowth hair will eventually lead to baldness. Men’s hair loss treatment is a permanent solution. When the drugs are stopped, both existing and new hair loss is possible as a result of the treatment. When mesotherapy treatment is started at a young age, it reduces the rate of shedding and allows new hair to grow. There may be men’s hair loss in women. The most important reason for men’s hair loss in women is the increase in androgen hormone production.

Hair loss in men affects almost 95% of the population. The primary explanation is inherited transmission. Other causes of hair loss include a stressful lifestyle and unexpected major psychological traumas. Although hair loss in men is most common in old age, it can start from the age of 25. Especially in children, hair loss creates both cosmetic and psychological problems. Male pattern hair loss starts on the top of the head or forehead. Hair on the sides and back of the head is still present. Many alternative procedures are now used to slow down the hair loss process. Again, hair transplantation and baldness problems are solved in many ways by using the hair remaining on the scalp.

Why Does Hair Loss Happen?

A healthy scalp has an average of 100 thousand hairs and it is normal for adults to lose 100 to 150 hairs a day, depending on washing and combing. Hair loss can be caused by hormonal and dietary variables, chemical exposure, genetic predisposition, systemic diseases, hair growth abnormalities, medications, psychological stress and scalp infections. Hair loss in a healthy person can last up to two months. If the hair loss phase, which occurs three times a year, lasts longer than two months, it may be a sign of a serious condition that requires medical attention. Hair loss usually starts 3 to 4 months after the triggering event and can return to normal 6 to 12 months after the triggering factor is addressed. Each hair generally has a life span divided into three. The growth period is the longest, hair grows an average of 1 cm per month. After this stage, the hair enters a resting period that can last for weeks. After this stage, which usually lasts for 2-3 weeks, the hair loss stage begins. When the hair enters the shedding phase, it loses its connection with the hair root and falls out within 2-4 months. This time can be reduced, but not increased, by combing, brushing and washing the hair. At the end of this period, even if nothing is done to the hair, it will fall out on its own. Hair growth occurs.

This cycle can last a lifetime. In any period, 85-90% of the hair is in the growth, 1-2% resting and 10-15% shedding phase. The aforementioned physiology of the hair supports up to 100 acceptable hair loss per day on no-wash days. Knowing these stages is also very important to understand why hair loss treatment takes so long.

Where is Hair Transplanted in Istanbul?

Hair transplantation has become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in recent years. Hair transplantation is now the most permanent remedy for hair loss. Many people prefer hair transplantation because it is done quickly, there is no scar as a result of the procedure, and the transplanted hair is permanent for life. It is natural to have many questions in mind after choosing to have a hair transplant. For this reason, you can contact the hair specialists in the Yoo Retouch clinic to get answers to all the questions you have in mind. You both get the answers to your questions, but you remove the anxiety inside you.

Various hair and scalp analyzes are performed before hair transplantation. The location and number of grafts to be taken and the area to be transplanted are determined as a result of these analyses. The plastic surgeon, who will perform the transplantation operation, draws the new hairline that will appear after the operation. Local anesthetic or sedative anesthesia is used in hair transplantation. Thanks to the anesthetic application to be applied before hair transplantation, you can perform a comfortable and painless procedure. FUE technique is preferred in today’s hair transplantation procedures. No incision is made during hair transplantation with the FUE procedure. No scars are formed as a result of hair transplantation. The first step in hair transplantation is to determine the donor location where the grafts will be taken. The donor areas with the best quality grafts for hair transplantation are the nape and behind the ears. Special micro motor devices are used to remove hair follicles. These high quality grafts are stored in a special solution. A specialist plastic surgeon will place each one one by one in the designated planting area before the procedure. Grafts should be transplanted considering the natural angle and direction of the hair follicles. As a result of hair transplantation, the most natural appearance is obtained. As it is seen, it is very important that it is performed both by specialist doctors in the field and in the clinical setting, as it is a very sensitive and specialist procedure.

What is the Graft Cost?

The graft is a structure consisting of skin and hair follicles. The hair follicle is sometimes called a graft, but the two are not synonymous. One to four hair follicles can be found in one planting. The amount of hair follicle to be transplanted is determined according to the skin ratio. Likewise, the hair and scalp structure of the person is also a determining factor in graft taking and calculation.

Typically, 3000 grafts are processed in hair transplantation, and 3000 grafts are roughly equivalent to 7500 hairs. Most hair transplant clinics only transplant 3000 grafts, but show the results to the patient as they have 7500 hair transplants. Since hair transplantation with 3000 grafts is neither missing nor excessive, the price is calculated over 3000 grafts in hair transplantation and the price of hair transplantation is offered to people who are considering transplantation in this way. To learn more detailed graft price, you can get information by contacting the clinic from the contact numbers of the Yoo Retouch clinic.