Where is Hair Transplantation Performed in Turkey?

Hair transplantation has become one of the most popular medical aesthetic operations among men and women in recent years. Given the appropriate clinical decision, this cosmetic operation can produce highly effective, permanent and natural results. Yoo Retouch clinic tries to give the most efficient results possible to its patients by combining the most advanced processes with the latest technology. So, what should you pay attention to when looking for a hair transplant facility in Turkey?

With the expansion of the industry and the increasing demand for hair transplantation, the number of people making false promises and giving false information to patients on the Internet has increased significantly. It is important not to believe anyone who describes themselves as a hair transplant coordinator or hair transplant specialist without first going to their facility. These people are generally not allowed to have hair transplants and instead work as assistants under the direction and supervision of a doctor. There are some things you should consider before deciding on the hair transplant procedure and choosing the best hair transplant clinic for you. It is very important that you are correctly informed by the hair transplant clinic where you will be treated, as well as having a successful surgery using the appropriate procedures.

Although the number of Istanbul hair transplant facilities makes it difficult to choose, you can choose the most suitable hair transplant facility for yourself by asking a few questions. The important thing is to have knowledge before the procedure and to go to the hair transplant clinic safely. The following criteria are important in your clinical selection;

  • Doctor’s Experience: The most important issue will undoubtedly be the doctor you choose. A doctor who claims to be experienced but can’t keep up with new developments may be making a mistake. As a result, you should look for a doctor who has been performing hair transplant surgery for at least 10 years and is performing state-of-the-art procedures.
  • Clinical Staff: Surgery performed by a group is always preferred over surgery performed by a single surgeon. A team of young surgeons led by an experienced physician will have the ideal combination of expertise and technical ability to maximize the patient’s potential. Both patients and healthcare professionals will benefit greatly from the presence of strong cooperation in these long and arduous operations.
  • Results of the Procedures Performed by the Clinic: A good clinic should be able to provide you with at least 50 happy surgical results. Ask the clinic to see if they can provide you with this information, particularly the results of their last five procedures.
  • Information About the Medical Center: This operation should only be performed in a hospital, medical facility or outpatient clinic licensed by the Turkish Ministry of Health. If the process will be carried out in an apartment, house or villa, you should examine the permits issued by the Ministry of Health for these places. If the Ministry of Health does not allow these addresses, emergency equipment, information and teams will be insufficient. Do not forget that in medical and surgical operations, it is vital to have a smooth process as well as to intervene in undesirable situations.
  • Personalized Plan: Correct planning is the most critical part of hair transplantation. When you call the clinic, you can expect them to give you a detailed treatment plan to achieve a correct and natural appearance. In these treatment plans, the number of grafts that can be taken according to the donor capacity, the number of grafts that can be transplanted into the hairline, anterior region, middle hair region and the doctor’s plans are taken into consideration. If important information can be given to patients based on assumptions, a simple geometric calculation indicates that the amount of hair to be transplanted per cm2 is directly proportional to the area of ​​that region, and the sensitivity of the hair center in this regard. In addition, the care the hair transplant clinic gives to your health, medical history and medications will help us understand how vital this process is.
  • Social Media Comments: Since social media followers can be purchased, a high number of followers does not mean that the clinic is superior. Don’t get caught up in this. There may also be reviews on many sites that might interest you. You should review patient reviews, complaints and recommendations from a number of online sites.
  • Does the Clinic Have All the Equipment?: There are two types of hair transplant surgery. FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction while FUT stands for Follicular Unit Transplantation. Do not go to a clinic that does not provide both treatments. Unfortunately, the number of clinics that only perform FUE has increased considerably. This is because of the lower overhead and experience required for this type of therapy versus FUT. Most clinics that perform only FUE cannot perform large-scale FUT due to lack of manpower and experience. Failure to provide gold standard information and options to patients before alternatives such as FUE are prescribed is against federal medical guidelines and may result in the revocation of a physician’s license.
  • Pre- and Post-Operation Photos: While social media and the internet have made it easier for clinics to share photos of their patients, some clinics are able to provide better results for patients than would normally be possible by digitally manipulating results using a range of programs. Selected photographs and proportional quality images will be provided to you by an appropriate clinic.
  • Number of Team to Perform the Operation: Your doctor may be the best surgeon in the world. On the other hand, top results are almost impossible to achieve without a highly skilled and motivated staff. Don’t be afraid to ask about your doctor’s full-time in-house technicians. Find out if their technicians are split between branches or working full time. Many world-class clinics have developed their own in-house staff who collaborate like a professional football team in every surgery.
  • Do All Technicians Examine Taken Grafts Under Microscope?: Since hair transplants are very sensitive, the best optics should be used to see them clearly. Previously, all that was required was a basic hobby magnifier. However, at that time the grafts were larger and fuller, but when the grafts were cut smaller and thinner, it was not as natural as it is now. Consequently, there is a need for expensive dissecting microscopes. Find out if these microscopes are accessible in the surgical department of the clinic. Do not choose this clinic if you do not see at least six microscopes. Seeing just one or two is not enough. Yoo Retouch clinic offers the biggest hair transplant treatment in Istanbul thanks to its trained and experienced specialists and its advanced polyclinic and 100% patient satisfaction. Their helpful staff will answer all your questions and provide you with all the information you need. Although there are several hair transplant sites, it is best to have this procedure done at an experienced outpatient clinic such as Yoo Retouch. Remember that hair transplantation is both a medical and aesthetic procedure and should be approached carefully. Considering the health, satisfaction and wishes of the patients, Yoo Retouch clinic offers quality treatment to its patients.

Hair Transplant Centers in Istanbul

Patients often question the location of hair transplantation. For a successful hair transplant, choosing the right facility and specialist is as important as choosing where the hair transplant will be done. In this decision-making process, the patient needs to gather information and take the whole procedure very seriously. In this way, you will not only avoid trouble, but also prevent possible dangers. If you are thinking about where to have a hair transplant, you have concerns and uncertainties. Choosing the right clinic and surgeon will have a positive or negative effect on this procedure. After you decide on the Istanbul hair transplant clinic that seems most suitable for you, the process will be easier for you. Yoo Retouch is one of the best clinics in the field of hair transplantation in Istanbul Nişantaşı district. Your first stop in your hair transplant search should be this clinic.

How Many Hours Does Hair Transplantation Take?

Two techniques are preferred for sowing: FUT or FUE. According to these approaches, although the FUT method takes 3 to 4 hours, the FUE technique can take 6 to 12 hours depending on the planting area. The transplantation session and its length are also determined according to the width of the person’s area, hair density and donor area density. The more grafts (roots) can be taken during the sowing process, the more natural, thick and natural-looking the planting area will be. At the same time, the grafts are taken one by one and all the roots can be transplanted one by one to the place where the transplantation will be done, without leaving any traces in the donor area, in a way that the patient can accept visually. If we make an estimate, it will take 8 10 hours with pauses.

Grafts are taken in approximately 3 to 4 hours using the FUE procedure. A rest period is provided upon completion of the purchase. Then the procedure continues where it left off. Since local anesthetic is used, the patient does not feel discomfort during this procedure. The patient is fully awake. With the FUE procedure, 3500 to 4500 grafts can be transplanted in 8-10 hours. Patients and planting teams take rest intervals at certain intervals throughout this planting process. The most important thing is to provide a great service rather than completing the planting in a fast time. As it was said before, after the graft is done, small breaks can be given as the patient will get tired.

What Does Graft Mean?

The graft is a structure consisting of skin and hair follicles. What is a graft? The hair follicle is sometimes called a graft, but the two are not synonymous. One to four hair follicles can be found in a transplant. The number of hair follicles in the graft is determined by the skin ratio. Grafts are divided into four types: single, double, triple and quadruple. In hair transplantation, hair follicle transplantation is actually a graft transplant. Hair follicles cannot be taken and transplanted one by one. However, the grafts are taken one by one and the roots are planted while they are alive. In this case, one, two, three or four hair follicles are transplanted at the same time.

Grafts are alive at every stage of hair transplantation. They constantly go through the cycle of living and natural hair while being taken from the donor area, sorting out, and sowing. They can also be seen on the skin a few days after hair transplantation. However, the most critical aspect of hair transplantation is keeping the grafts alive. Because any injury to the graft will result in the death of the roots. In this case, there will be no hair growth. Hair transplantation will also be ineffective. As a result, grafts should be treated with extreme care during donor procurement and transplantation procedures in hair transplantation. The sequence of actions must also be followed exactly.

It is not clear whether the hair follicles in a graft damaged during hair transplantation are dead or alive. It takes at least 3 to 6 months to understand this situation. Because the general recovery period for hair transplantation varies between 3 and 6 months. As a result, it is very important to choose the right hair transplant clinic and hair transplant specialist. Working with a qualified and experienced staff is the most basic principle.